Bottom Line Echo Company is a small business incorporated in Savannah, Georgia, in May 1995 . We have over nineteen years of experience in hydrographic survey on the East Coast of the United States of America. We are located in Port Wentworth Georgia and serve a customer base from Wilmington, North Carolina to Tampa, Florida.

Our customers are a diverse business base that includes large corporations, engineering firms and individual home/yacht owners. We work closely with Southern Company Services Inc. (Savannah Electric & Power), National Gypsum Company, CITGO Asphalt Refinery, New Port Terminals, Willamette Industries, Georgia Ports Authority, South Carolina State Ports Authority, Southern Natural Gas Elba Island LNG facility (an El Paso Company), Global Ship Systems Shipyard and Marine Services, International Paper Company, Georgia Department of Transportation, Balfour Beatty Construction Company, Norfolk Dredging Company, Bull Dredging Inc., Thomas & Hutton Engineering Company,  Carter & Sloope Consulting Engineers, and GeoSyntec Construction Consultants.

Hydrography is the science of measurement and description of the physical features of bodies of water and their littoral land areas. Special emphasis is placed on the elements that affect safe navigation and the publication of such information in a suitable form for use in navigation. Hydrographic surveys determine the configuration of the bottoms of water bodies, especially as it pertains to navigation, including the detection, location, and identification of wrecks and obstructions primarily through the use of side scan sonar and multi-frequency sonar technology.



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